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The actions in regards to what just occurred was careless endangerment of thier own child. If any qualified handler wants to go in to his animals padock that is his risk and responcibility.

The problem now comes in that he took an infant in with him causing some distraction to what he was doing. When dealing with dangerous animals your complete consentration is needed. Steve himself has had many close calls by himself and has been bitten on more than one occasion.

Had that croc made a unexpected lunge and Steve tripped and fell and dropped the infant then that croc would most likely had a free neo snack.

Yes many private parties keep large animals or dangerous ones! But how many would be so foolish to place thier own child at risk when it is unwarranted? I have always had a major problem with his free handling of venomous reptiles and now he places his own son's life in potential danger. He is a representitive to the world of the reptile community. His actions on Tv and Film many people could preceive to be how we all conduct ourselves. This is a danger to our rights to keep our animals.

Understandably someone will try and bring up Corwin, O'Shea , Marvin, and say look what they do! Ok I will look they use the proper tools for working with dangerous animals. Nor do they place other people in danger on camera in the publics eye. Steve would be a far better ambassador to the reptile community if he would simply start showing the proper respect for correct handling practices and safety equiptment.
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