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I work at a petsmart and I must say I am very lucky to have an Immediate manger (which is the specialty manager) and a store manager that let me do what I need to do. also my specialty manager lets me order the reptiles so we get what we can take care of. (she isent all that well educated on the reptiles side of her job) I must say in the support or defense, depending how you look at it. that the people who are knowleageable about reptiles at petmart are at a dissavantage for two resons. the animals we order are mostly low qulity (although I did order two crested geckos that we are getting from sandfire dragon ranch and I had the option of getting a giant leo stright from ron tremper, but i dident because no one who shops at petsmart for reptiles whould have bought a $200.00 gecko. it was still tempting just to check it out for free ) second the habitat is too small provides just about no venitaltion whatsoever, has a central lighting control with very poorly positioned lights and is extremely easy for house geckos to excape from. well enough rambling seeing as I just gave away petsmart's secrets and I'm going to get fired from my job
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