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Well, I don't think anyone has a right to decide what is right or wrong in this case, except Steve and Terri. Why? How old was Steve when his father started taking him out on croc hunts? He too was a baby. No one pegged his father as being irresponsible. The only reason anyone cares is because he's a tv personanlity. And we all know how much people like to stir $hit up. Also, how often have we seen Bob and Tracy Barker herping on tv with thier kids? The older one always walks around flipping rocks, with god only knows what lurking underneath. These people live for the love of thier animals, and are instilling the love and value of reptiles in thier children, albeit at a very young age. However, these are the future role-players in the hobby we've come to love. Before condemning Steve (who has done so much) take a look at what you keep in your home around your kids and other pets. Almost anything can be a danger to a child, but if you are watching over them they will be safe. He was holding Bob quite safely, working with an animal he knows extremely well. It's nothing compared to what MJ did, because Steve was not intentionally trying to drop his child to his death. Keep that in mind before making a judgement. Just my two cents. Oh, and while I wouldn't do this myself, I do keep reptiles that many would consider harmful to kids and I plan to have my kids grow up around them.

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