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yeah it was a while back, I have to use someone else's computer to unload my camera. On the other hand there is zero snow in Oshawa at the moment... I think it's snowed once this winter

Anyway yeah that Mini was worth about 40Gs, they can go lower or higher depending on whether you go for the bigger engine as this one had I think and other options. It's all not as bad as it sounds though because my brother-in-law works at BMW (so did I till the pricks fired me!lol!) and there is a huge employee discount especially on the previous year's left overs. They lease them to their employees super cheap for 15,000 km then sell it as a pre-owned. He has a new mini now and it's his 5th vehicle this year... he had a Beemer bike in the summer and also at least one 3 series... Not a bad deal but they're real A-holes to work for.
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