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I agree with most of you with respect to the sensationalist approach, I just don't feel that it does any of us any good to be associated with that. We're already fighting an uphill battle to salvage a shred of respect from the nonherping public. Stunts like this only seem to reinforce the arguments against keeping herps at all.

Yes, there are always the "Don't Try This At Home" disclaimers, but we all know how effective those are. If you don't want someone to attempt to duplicate it, don't show them how in the first place. As far as maintaining family traditions, the same could be said with regard to rattlesnake roundups, fox hunts, or for that matter, any other "Whacking Day" ceremony. There are plenty of traditional pastimes that we should have outgrown by now.

Dozer: Is the barefoot bushman you refer to Rob Bredl? If it is, I'd have to agree with you. He's one of the few I enjoy watching. His approach seems more educational and less traumatic to all involved. He does play up the danger aspect a little, but I find the end product far more entertaining and informative.

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