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Glad to see that at least some shows are actually giving some sort of educational value when it comes to snakes. I was flipping through the channels last night and happened upon a show about snakes. Was some guy from Australia talking about the different species in Australia. I still have allot to learn about snakes and never claim to be an expert but this guy was a moron. He was housing 2 adult pythons in the same enclosure and feeding them in the same enclosure at the same time. They attacked each other because of it. Then the moron was like, "Oh there just confused, they each think the other one is the rat because of the movement, they will realize they made a mistake and let go of each other momentarily............" Dude just sits there for what seemed like a good 10 mins while they went at it, then he decides he should yank them apart, and I don't mean by placing them in water I mean by uncoiling them from each other and yanking their jaws off each other. I mean come-on, I've only been into herping for about 2 months now and even I know not to house 2 adult pythons together unless you’re trying to breed them and to try and feed them both at the same time while they are both in the same enclosure, just seemed really stupid to me.
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