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Muzzled or not?

Dun think they actually have a meter to check levels of emotional or mental damage, but I'd think it'll be the same way Animal Welfare officers gauge the amount of mental or emtional stress a dog or cat would go through. This is gauged by symptoms an animal shows i.e. lack of appetite, behavioural changes, destructive behaviour.
As for my take on this subject, I do NOT claim that I totally agree with what the caiman was going through, by posting that pic. Which is why I cropped off the part with the duct tape. As for what I feel about it...I think there's pro's and con's. The animal is definitely stressed, just like any 'wild' animal being exposed to humanity up close. Taping it's mouth shut prevents itself from being injured and injuring someone. A crocodilian's main defense is it's mouth. Taping it would cut that off thus stressing it, but what degree? That caiman lives in the same apartment, roaming free with it's owner. He the caiman) is not outright vicious and does tolerate handling, but taping it is a safety measure when dealing with the public. I've yet to hear of anyone transporting a crocodilian without taping it. How bout muzzling of dogs? Vicious breeds (deemed by the city) have to be muzzled. What about that?
As for the hand being able to hold it shut, yes it's possible. Very possible with caimans BUT how long is the hand gonna be holding it shut while the public views it? Thus a more permanent measure. BTW, that tape was only wound around once around it's snout. Not doubled or tripled. That says enough about the strength of it's jaws.
This argument is not one to be resolved IMO, just like venomoid snakes etc etc. To each his own. Different people have different priorities. Some value education over temporary stress to an animal. Heck even the snakes are stressed a little at shows, whether handled or not. What then? Too many open questions. Oh well, just wanted to say my piece. It is good to express opinions so that other readers without any, can form them. Also not to give anyone a false idea that it's ALL ok, like what sophia mentioned. Good point.
Ok how bout this for a title "Mmmph..mmph!" lol! Take care all!

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