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Unhappy Oh Man This Is Terrible!!!!

Well tonight before I had to go to work, I was playing w/ my new digital cam phone and I decided to snap a few pics of my friends baby yellow head retic that I am keeping for him. Well, I put him on the kitchen floor to take a body pic and he was near the kitchen counter, I didnt think he would be able to go anywhere, but before I can even bend down to grab him, part of his body went under the counter and I didnt want to pull on him to hard. I didnt even know there was a 1/2 in. opening underneath there. So now he is under the cabinet and there is no way for me to get to him. I took the drawers out but it didnt help. I cant believe this, I'm such an idiot!!!

Does anyone have any tips on how I can get him to come out of there???? I'm worried im not gonna be able to get him back.
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