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Well if you didn't want to 'discuss' this issue, then why such a lengthy and involved diatribe?

Now think about what you said about jaw muscles and look at the things at the end of your arms, they're called hands. If you can't use those to hold those jaws closed, then perhaps it's not a good idea to hold the animal. Tape is 'stressful' how do you feel when your mouth is taped shut? You have the advantage of knowing what is going on, the animal doesn't, put yourself in his place, one of his two defenses is rendered and he has no idea why he can't open his mouth, not to mention that he uses his mouth (breathing) as a means to 'cool' himself, and unless you're Dr. Doolittle, you can't exactly explain it to him. Furthermore, taping encourages 'redneck' idiots to do the same thing and these idiots use duct tape and such types of adhesive tapes that end up causing injury. I've seen such damage.

The reason for my responding here is because it's necessary for others to see the varied viewpoints and the reasoning for those viewpoints as a means to educate themselves, so that one voice and one opinion is not the only one heard. It is not intended to start a flame war on the site, if someone needs to do that, they can private mail and the recipient can always report them to their ISP.

No disrespect intended Katt, even with the 'hands' statement, I am merely stating the obvious for one reason alone, that being that children or others less educated in proper handling might be reading the threads and if you don't break it down, some will take it and run in dangerous directions with the information, or should I say the lack thereof.

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