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Well it wasn't my animal and didn't tape the animal myself, but I would like to know why taping the animal is cruel. Crocodilians have weak jaw muscles to open the mouth and so litte tape is needed to keep the mouth closed. As well, many 'professional' herpers use tape to close the mouths of potentially dangerous creatures.

I fail to see how "terribly cruel" taping is compared to oh say defanging. I admit, terribly STRESSFUL, but cruel I don't see, the tape is certainly not strong enough to rip off any scales.

Myself, it was an incredible experience. I have never seen a large spectacled camien and I really learned how stupid it is to buy one. I think the folkz who saw Lestat too came away with more knowledge. Plus I learned a little about camiens I hadn't known before. I woud never have bothered learning 'bout them if I hadn't seen one in the flesh. I'm sure the same goes for quite a number of people at the show.

I think Lestats bad days far outweighs what he's done for the other camiens whose lives may be saved now that a few more people know how dumb it is to keep one of these creatures without proper facilities.

I'm not really interested into getting into a big debate about this, as it can be said by some that keeping any reptile in captivity (or bird for that matter) is terribly cruel. We have a lovely person named Christine Shcramm who uses this argument against us in BC and has tried to systematically get the muncipalities of the GVRD to BAN the keeping of reptiles.

It's all your perspective. My definition of cruelty is any act that will leave lasting damage, whether physical or emotion or mental. Lestat had just a few hours of not being able to open his mouth. No scales were ripped off, so to me is not cruel.

That's my opinion folkz and if you'd like to dicuss further, then please feel free to PM me or mail me, as I'd rather that this thread went along the lines of "Great photo Vanan" as that is why Vanan posted it this picture, not to start a grand debate about the cruelties of taping.
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