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PETsMart Impressed me

Wow, I was so impressed when I went to petsmart in Barrie the other day. I went to look at the herp section and in each gecko enclosure they had a very innovative way to make humid hides that were not only functional and practical, but they were visually pleasing. Furthermore, talking to the girl working in that section, she really knew her herps. She showed me the Fat Tails, and the only thing I didn't like was that not one of them had their original tails, but I mean, for all I know, there are many reasons for that to have happened. The Fat Tails and Leos all appeared healthy, she was very friendly, so all in all, very happy

They're reptiles seemed to really know her and were accustomed to her, I was very impressed. So I went and bought my Kingsnake a new hide! lol

I just thought I'd share that I was happy to see a pet store taking good care of their animals

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