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Well the only time a "tame" snake ever bit me was omg about 10 yrs ago it was our female BP i picked her up and she just nailed me on the arm and would not let go lol. My bf at the time and his mother were freaking. I just went into the bathroom and sat in the tub under cold water until she decided she had ... you have to keep in mind for them it was a huge deal as i'm 4 11 and at the time b4 kids, weighed only 85-90 lbs...but it wasn't too bad. I also have a scare that is fading as the yrs go by that was inflicted by a Sav Monitor and he was what you would call "dog tame"... so it just goes to show no matter how "tame" you think they are they are still wild animals. and you have to treat them as such, some more than others.

Laura-Lee L
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