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Originally posted by HetForHuman
HAHAH i havent been to the theatre for a movie in years.

But i figure a big screen tv and complete surround sound cranked up all the way is good enough for me.

We have the big screen and surround sound... 52" and 350 watts just doesn't compare to the giant screen and sound system in the theater. There are few movies i'm willing to pay $20 for (there are two of us) but the LOTR series is one of them.

Other films that were must see on the big screen were ones like spiderman, xmen 1 and 2. stuff like spideman and lotr take advantage of the great effects a huge screen gives you. you just don't get the awe from the scenery that lotr gives you on a tv. and you don't get the motion sickness from spidey swinging from building to building. the battles instead of being thousands of men are thousands of ants on a tv. and unless you have wide screen you just end up missing bits here and there, also the definition just isn't as good on a tv.
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