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I went and saw it for the second time the other night, and it was the worst theater experience I ever had. Halfway through the movie, these 3 kids come walking in, talking and laughing, they proceed to walk to the very front of the large, packed theater, talking amongst themselves loudly and talking to people in the audience. They sit down for no more than a minute, then one kid comes tromping back up, stopping to talk loudly to some other kids. The whole theater tells him to shutup, and he tells us to kiss his a** and then he leaves the room. Five minutes later, he comes in by himself just laughing real loud and then he literally yells, HEY JAKE, WHERE ARE YA?" to the front of the theater. Again, the entire theater tells him to shut-up. He started cussing again, and obnoxiously walked up front again, laughing and having a good time. At this point, several people got up and left to get the manager.

And then he got kicked out. hehe.

After that, in one of the saddest parts of the movie, these girls directly behind me started laughing and didnt stop until the movie was over. GRRR! I hate loud people in movies!

Anyways, thats my vent.

As for the movie itself? Awesome! Peter Jackson outdid himself. The only thing I missed was the hobbit war at the end. Although really, that would have added at least another hour, which would have been fine with me, but probably not for the masses.
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