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We have gas. Its scary I know but we really have a insane amount of electrical things going on here.

We have four computers, the entertainment equiptment I mentioned, and 3 RES + 2 Green iguanas. Those animals take 100 watt bulbs (Roxy actually neds 200 because she is too big to fit under one bulb) and all have UV tubes ranging from 1-4 feet (double on roxys cage) I also have 15 snakes or so on strip heating, geckos (which all have bulbs as well) and we also have the fish tanks I mentioned, which each tank has no less than three electrical things plugged in. Those things with four people living here, and the old *** appliances (which we are replacing at some point), well it all adds up.

So it IS a lot of money but we also have to pay for what we have!

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