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I keep wondering what they think is going to happen to all the reptiles in private collections across the US if they manage to put this ban into effect?
As far a salmonella goes.... I've been keeping reptiles for over 10 yrs now and have not had a problem with it yet.
Large snakes killing people? Ok, this can happen, although it is always due to a mistake on the handlers part. More people are mauled or killed by dogs each year than are killed by pet snakes.
Pet reptiles released into the wild impacting native wildlife? What about people "releasing" pet dogs and cats? This definately causes problems but no one is calling for a nationwide ban on them. Most of the reptiles we keep would not last long enough in the wild to impact anything (not that I advocate doing this)and most of us would never dream of doing this with our animals. I could go on and on but something needs to be done. I can't imagine not being able to keep reptiles.
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