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my bf wasnt into them when we first started dating, but now he's warmed up to it. always willing to help me buy stuff for them and helping to build cages etc. he even feeds all seven of them in the morning for me before he leaves (he gets up first).
the only thing he doesnt like is when i get something without discussing it with him first. (our iguana). the only thing we really disagree on is how to set-up the cages. he cant quite grasp the humidity thing, but he's slowly learning.
lately he's been showing lots of interest in frogs, chameleons, and monitors.. and we've decided that the next large thing we get is gonna be a tegu. (he's constantly searching the internet for info on them.)
basically he knows i love them and he supports that, since he's been in a band for the past couple of years and even before we started dating i was at every show and practice just to show support. so now he goes to expo's and shops and stuff to support what i like.
the only thing i cant get him to like is snakes. lol. ive told him over and over that when we move out of here into a place that we can have whatever we want, i wanna branch into snakes. he told me i could deal with those by myself. lol.
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