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Snake Fight!!!

I always put all my snakes in another bin to feed them, and because my yellow rat snakes are always extra pissy after eating I leave them separated overnight. This has always worked fine, and when I put them back into the enclosure they are buddy-buddy as usual. HOWEVER this morning when I put one back in where the other was waiting, he lashed out and grabbed him!!!
I grabbed the two of them and threw them in the bathtub and ran cold water over them. This lasted for only about a minute and a half, even though it seemed longer!

So finally they are happily untangled, but then I noticed on the one that had been bitten a weird blister-like thing. It is on the opposite side from where he was bitten. Basically, it looks like his usual skin as if he were going to shed (snake is not in shed at the moment) but it is full of water. Should I open it up and let the water out, or just leave it???? What do you think???
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