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It's funny,I never really thought that many people had the same difficulty with their partners not liking herps.
My wife thought that I was weird for being into herps and still doesn't understand or appreciate my fascination for them.
Unfortunately she seems to be a part of the majority.
I really haven't known a whole lotta people into this hobby.
And people who aren't into it generally think you're weird.
I've tried getting my wife interested in herps,we got her a baby green iguana at a show that she thought was adorable.
In less than a week it had become my responsibility...she thought it was cute but the love wasn't there,I ended up giving it away a couple weeks later.
Now she says if she ever gets another herp it'll be a cham,NO WAY! I would not put such a delicate creature in the hands of a non-herper in the hopes of converting her.
I'd rather endure the rolling eyes and bored sighs.
BTW,great advice everybody...there would definitely be a discussion if my wife ever hung up on me because she thought something I was passionate about was just plain silly.


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