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Eep I agree with Katt and Marisa, whether or not he likes herps is irrelevant, it is the way he treated you with such disrespect and disregard for your feelings.

My boyfriend is not in to reptiles, or most animals at all. He is pretty neutral with most animals, doesn't like large animals at all though (horses, cows, etc). He is a cat person. He couldn't care less about my reptiles, and he has gotten on my case before when I've aquired a new one for one reason or another (mostly space and money). He will help me hold one if need be, and I have caught him on occassion playing with the leopard geckos I like it better that way though. I view it much in the same light as Roy... if you combine two people with the same obsession, you have the great potential to spiral out of control with it. I also like having something I can call my own Not to mention the impact it can have if you breakup, you run in the same circles so you can never -really- have that person at a distance you wish... and if you're in it for business it can also have an impact. I don't think I would ever want to be in a relationship with another herper. I personally don't get all excited whenever he gets a new guitar or recording program... but I listen anyways because it's important to him, and he does the same for me. Because we love eachother it's our feelings that are important, not the hobbies

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Seriously though, women are difficult to please sometimes.
Or how about... SOME women are difficult to please, not women are difficult to please sometimes
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