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Well..I guess I have it pretty good too. My "domestic partner" is pretty tolerant of my snakes. She even holds them for me while I clean their enclosures (well not the big boas, but the BP and Hog Island). She will even turn lights on and off for me and things like that, when I am at work. Our 5 yr old son likes them as well, and she will watch him while he holds them.
Now, all of this did come with a price (in a way). She has always wanted a Pug, so when I got my first boa, it was only fair that she got something as well. So when someone she knew had to get rid of his 10 week old Pug puppy, you know exactly where it ended Now, that I am trying to breed boas, and she realizes there will be more additions to my snake collection, so now I am getting hounded about her wanted a Yorkshire Terrier.

So come spring, I have a feeling our Pug will have a lil friend to play with. lol

Now about him hanging up on you. Well, I can't bad mouth him for it, cause I to have done it to my gf and she has to me also. Sometimes, if your mad something, its better to hang up and apologize later, then to say something out of anger that you will wind up regretting and may not be forgiven so easy.
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