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If you are serious about your reptiles always being as part of your life you will be best off with someone that also is. One of the biggest reasons my GF moved out was because she was jealous of the snakes & the amount of time I had to spend with them this summer during breeding season. She tried to get involved lots of times for my sake, but was never really into it. It ended up being a wedge that was always being driven between us. One must find someone that shares their passions in life or get used to not being happy about things that should bring you joy. Based on him hanging up, you have already reached a point in your relationship where your herps have become a negative factor. Some couples can be opposites in hobbies, interests etc. & still make out fine, but some have seperate bedrooms & take seperate vacations etc. also too. Think about your long term happiness & what would be best for the future before becoming involved in a "losing relationship" Seriously, Mark
P.S. Herps are way easier to love, they only require the basics in life to be happy, unlike us mammals. Also they don't talk back or make fun of me when I talk to myself & laugh at my own jokes. ; )
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