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Re: Non-creature loving significant others

Originally posted by ~Suntiger~
(and I think you're all familiar with how great of a feeling it is to have new animals) I got hung up on! What the heck is that all about
I'm feeling very frustrated at the moment!!!

I know what you mean. In the begining My partner wasn't exactly reptile oriented. I was constantly saying things like "well on the website" "well so and so said" and "I seen the cutest pic of a *insert cute rep pic!* on You have to come and see it!" She just wasn't into it like I am.
I'm sure she got/gets frusterated *Sp* over me spending tons of my free time here and talking about herps so often. But she takes it with a grain of salt and "I lover her as she is, herps and all"attitude . Now she has her own corn snake (motley amel in my sig.) and has a list ALMOST as long as mine.
I can see not liking them. But just out right hanging up on you! That was rude and uncalled for.I can only imagine what he would do if you were trying to show him a brand new spiderling (I think thats what their called? I don't keep tarantulas!) I personally would not stay with someone that couldn't even tolerate me talking about it, not to mention trying to show them what I got!

Maybe sit down and talk to him about it, start listening a lot (not saying you don't!) and you will pick up on something that he always talks about. Be it food, cats, baseball, football, hockey, hair, whatever, there is something that he will always talk about it. Then when he calls and starts to talk about it, Hang up! lol JK

Just tell him how bad it hurt you and that your "animals" are more like your kids than your pets.....Goodluck!
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