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Jenn, confront the issue...ive been in your shoes and its a hard one. I think most relationships have one or two sore spots when it comes to certain likes and dislikes. He may never and probably will never fully come to understand what you see in so many of your animals. But perhaps there is a certain animal that he enjoys? Maybe focus on what he likes and perhaps purchase this animal if at all possible. When he sees the care and joy you also take in it, he may come around a bit. I remember having the old, well i love these things speech and its a hard one. Hobbies and similarities are always mountains that you have to come over. Try telling your g/f that your going to spend 20k on an engine for your car! As far as breaking up....i dont think thats a solution. This time of the year seems to bring out alot of strange behaviour in alot of ppl. Perhaps its something more bothering him thats the underlining issue? Best of luck to you!
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