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Non-creature loving significant others

Hey, I was just wondering: what do you do when your bf or gf hates your animals, or just doesn't see the appeal? My boyfriend is like that, I mean he doesn't outright hate them but he sure doesn't see what I see in them (especially the tarantulas!) He thinks I spend too much money on them, but they are my babies and mean the world to me. And just now, when I was all excited telling him about a few new additions that I just got (and I think you're all familiar with how great of a feeling it is to have new animals) I got hung up on! What the heck is that all about?? And what do I do?

Also, it's not like this is some guy I could care less about, I really do care about him so I'm not just going to ditch him over this, like I would if he were someone I'd just met. I'm feeling very frustrated at the moment!!!
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