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KaHane...Generasian exotics

I did an inquiry about kaHane and his company awhile back. Thought I'd do an update for everyone on how things worked out with my dealings with him. KaHane is great to deal with, he helped me with all my questions and even showed me some of his tricks of the trade in caring for my balls I bought off him. I purchased 4 possible hets and 1 albino ball!! I'm so ecstactic about the deal! Even though I haven't got the Albino yet, I will by next friday when I do my last payment on him. I do have the 4 female possible hets and KaHane helped me setup the racks I had them in. In fact he thrrew in a beautiful professional custom made rack for free! It holds 10 sweaqter boxes and is made of black melaqmine. I'd recommend him to anyone! It was a bit hard getting a hold of him at first, but MAN! was it worth it. I got a male Albino, 4 female possible hets and a pro rack sytem for $3200! The best part about Kahane is that I was bugging him on Christmas day for the snakes and I kinda feel bad calling him( I am impatient), but he invitede me over to one of his places and showed me his collection he had there. He was nice enough to do this is even though his family was over. But WOW!!!!!!!!!! The collection just blew my MIND! He had all sorts of reptiles and coral and marine tanks, Stuff that I didn't even know existed! I know he is into and know his stuff. He has a real passion for his collection and I can tell by the way he talked about it. He has many new and upcoming secret high end projects that he going. But I promised to keep it a secret, but you guys will know when he unveils them and trust me it will AMAZE you all!
Well I better shut up now before he kicks my ***! Just wanted to tell everyone whqt a treat I had on Christmas and give a deep and BIG thank you to the man, KaHane! great guy all round, once you get to know him
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