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Originally posted by reverendsterlin
one of my 8' boas hit me with a feeding response. Surgery and 6 weeks of rehab to make my wrist work again. A few other but that was the worst by far. Fast hands and never going to be bit, lol, thats fuuunnnnnny, keep dreaming.
I have our boa's striking food on film. our camera does 24 frames a second. it took our boa's only one frame to strike and bite and another 2 frames to pull back the prey and start constricting. thats right, the boa was able to strike in 1/24th of a second. that's fast, probably alot faster then most people. thats why we use tongs and forceps when feeding the snakes. hell one of our bigger boas gave me a warning bite and it hurt. there was no escaping that one (except not approching from the front)
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