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You're 15 Jeff? You seem a lot more mature.

Anyhow, I'm 24 as of yesterday, am finishing up an undergrad in biology (including courses in herpetology and the likes) and have been working with various reptiles and invertebrates quite heavily for the last five or six years. I am considering beginning some sort of reptile venture, possibly along the lines that you have considered, reptile171. You know what worries me? That I don't know or understand enough and that I don't have the resources to "do it right." Something like your publication idea is probably best, since you can draw on literature and people's experiences. It doesn't require you to jump in over your head in the animal department, so nobody gets hurt. In my case, I'd love to do venomous so that in a couple years I can incorporate them in whatever I do. I don't have the experience, space or resources, though, to do it right, so guess what -- no venomous reptiles. I even put in 1000s of less-hot hours before getting my first "hot" scorpion. You're 13, which means that if you take things slow, really focus on the animals you have and don't bother with these extra ventures, by the time you're my age you will have experience that blows me out of the water. Then you start thinking about these side ventures and you'll probably be able to pay your way through university.

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