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More art

Not herp related but I thought I would share with u guys anyway.

A moth is bound.
Bound by steel chains,
bound by flower garlands.

The Moon has finally come,
its light calls by just existing.
It tries to fly towards the destination
but the restraints hold it back.
They are too strong
they are attached to its wings.

Chains snap from the fight
but the garlands remain strong,
tearing into the wings.
The moth cannot escape

The soul tries to explode out of the prison
but this is useless.
The soul is bound by the body
its only escape is the destination...
the fire of the Sun reflected in the Moon.

The moth closes its eyes
instead of darkess it sees light.
The fire is within
Its body becomes a universe with one Sun

Now there are no limits,
no restraints,
no others,
just the light of my Sun.
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