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When I was little one of the most exciting things for me was the heart pounding anticipation and exhiliration of flipping over a piece of plywood or other debris and finding a coiled garter hiding beneath it.
There was never a time in my life when I didn't love reptiles and amphibians.
Their nature and appearance was always far more interesting than that of mammals or birds.
My wife has yet to understand my fascination with these creatures that she sees as ugly.
To me they are living jewels,finely crafted and delicately tiled in exquisite detail.
I'm originally from Michigan where the variety of herps is rather limited,garter snakes,a couple of turtle species,some frogs and toads and the occasional salamander.
Like Crotalus,I was really upset when I'd find a reptile that'd been intentionally harmed or killed and couldn't understand how or why someone would do such a thing to such compelling creatures.
I was so excited as a kid moving to Florida,we've got all kinds of herps here,gators and glass snakes and green anoles are a few which fascinated me most.
I have landscaped my yard to encourage the herp life I love so much. We have several species of frogs taking up permanent residence in one of our three ponds and glass snakes and black racers which are attracted to our low growing shrubs.


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