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Sounds like a great plan. As someone else said, why not go to a zoo and learn for a while, a few years. Get that insurance, if not and one of your animals bites a child or another person you will probably be charged with "harboring a dangerous/vicious animal. Have ALL your animals taken away, put a bad rep for herps, and you probably won't be allowed to have any (legally) for a few years.
So wait till your old enough to get that insurance, build a good solid rep, and take your time. As marisa said, green iguana's are a big handfull. You have to have a cage that is double their body length, (about 10-12 feet) long, atleast 6ft wide, and about 5-6ft you got room for that? (thats for ONE iguana)

Don't forget your vet bills. I would ask for a vet certificate clearing all animals of disease. So it's not as cheap as one might think....

Great goals though, and good luck.
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