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Yeah.. I think you need some time to think it through. I really dont think this is a good idea for the same reasons as the following people above. Your saying you can take in all these animals right? Can you house 4 iguanas? What if they are all males, that means you will need four 8X4X4 enclosures.

Same thing going for the Monitors and Boas. Can you seriously hosue all these?!?!?! Can you pay the vet bills, oh yeah, there isnt any vets by you remember. Well I can gaurante that you dont know the ins and outs of reptile health, let alone that type of diversity. Can you afford big 48" UV lights and light fixtures? All this not even including the food costs. Expensive medications? Can you afford that on your allowance?

If you wanna do this how about you finnish high school, take some college courses and get EDUCATED on the animals. Remember what your signature says.. "Be responsibe, care for your herp!".

Im 15, just a couple years olden then you, I own about two or three times as many animals as you including eggs and such. I know this kind of operation isnt going to work out for a 13 yr old unless your some how working about 4 jobs that pay way above minimum wage.

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