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Question Blockage

I need some help. I have a young blizzard corn who was eating great. In early December he shied away from food. When I finally got him to eat, he later regurgitated. I fed him again this week and he again regurgitated. Temps are good, 81 on the warm side room temp on the cool side (68-74). I inspected him closely today and noticed a black spot on his underside about 2/3rds down his body. If you have a blizzard, you'll notice these a lot, and it is generally water under the skin and will move about when touched. This one is much darker and will not move whaen I manipulate it with my fingers. It feels like there may be a small lump. I am afraid it is an impaction and don't know what to do. He is fed in a tupperware bowl, so it is not from substrate. Before you tell me to take it to a vet, I have been unable to locate a herp vet around here. This is the main reason I'm asking here. If I could find a vet, he'd already be there. Please don't blast me for this, but offer help or suggestions if you have any.


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