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sorry to everyone

I would like for you all to take the time to read this completley, alot of you have been confused about what i have posted but you all need to know i am very expirienced with reptiles, i love them so much and i care for them properly, you may not know it but i do take all of your advice and continue to do so. I love this forum and i love you all as you have always been there to help me with my problems. You would have to see them to know how healthy they are, and soon i hope to put some pics up of them.
Here are my reptiles:

Nile monitor(1ft)
savanah monitor (6in)
Ball python (2ft)
4 red ear pond sliders various sizes
musk turtle (3inches 7 years old)

I have had all of my reptiles for a long time, and have always cared for them....please forgive me for anything i have done to hurt any of you....lets start over....if you have any questions about me please ask!
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