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Originally posted by Siretsap
Come on Linds,

People have to stop to try to pretend to be better than others.
I think he does care for his reptiles since he is asking for advice on how to keep them outside. He didn't go ahead and test it to see fi it would fry during summer or freeze during winter.
He could esaly keep it cramed in an aquarium and not say a word, but he choose to ask questions so we should help him, not start complaining on how he shouln't have done this or that.

I know australian water dragons can build burrows and spend winter outside (there is a webcite that explained how a percentage of his awds survived through a snow storm).
check the lowest and highest temps and try to find some info on the climate from where they originate.

As suprising as it may be, leopard geckos can live through a night of about 8 celcius in your house, without problem.
thanks for understanding....
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