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ok linds, i do have the space to house them, i do care for my herps and will do anything for them. I will take care of them always, im just trying to find the best way to house them. JeffT im not going to put them together i AM going to build the TWO enclosures with my dad this spring, when i said insulate, i meant insulate, im going to put on a indoor area about the size of there cage and insulate that part and close the doors in the winter. I have taken all of your advice everyone because i care care for my herps, you may not know if but i am expirienced and i can takke care of them properly.I love herps as much as you all do, im going to try my best to get along with everyone. I love this forum and i love you all, as you have always helped me in the past and continue to do so. I know im not the smartest one on here but i am expirienced, and can care for my herps...please forgive me for anything i have ever done to hurt any of you sorry and i hope we all can start over and get along.
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