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Well I am going to leave myself open to an anthromorphic whipping I'll tell ya a little story that just happened a couple of days ago.

I was getting ready for work and as I came downstairs, I noticed that my Vietnamese Blue Beauty (who incidently shares space in the livingroom), had come out of his hide, after being under cover for a week getting ready for a shed. When he saw or felt me, he immediately raced over to his food dish and propped his head on the edge of the dish. As I got closer, he looked up at me and then back down at the dish. As I moved away from the tank towards the turtle tank. He broke from his food dish stance and moved in the direction that I was walking. After feeding the turtle, I returned to the VBB enclosure and as I did this, once again he went into his "head propped on the edge of the food dish" stance. Well I got the point and went down to prep a rat for him.

On return to give him his meal, he held back until I had placed it on the dish and had closed the enclosure door before finally chowing down the rat.

Read into it what you will, but them's the facts ma'am. And who says snakes don't have personality

I don't believe so much in the word personality when describing snakes in my collection, but I do believe that they do exhibit certain traits or characteristics that will define an individual animal from the next. After seeing this situation played out, it does make me think that there could be more to it. I will, however, give them names simply to quickly ID the snake in the feed records.

Well there's my .02

Cheers and a belated Happy Holidays to all, hope you had a good one


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