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Building tanks

I posted this on AllThingsAquatic as well, but I thought I'd better ask on here as well, as someone here might know what I need to know.

I'm thinking of building some fish tanks (for fish) with a LOT of extra glass I have available for fairly cheap. I just need to know a couple things.

First of all, can this be done safely without having the tank suddenly burst at the seams one day and leak everywhere?

Is there a limit to how large I can make it? Like, I was thinking if I made too large of a tank, it may not be able to support the water pressure.

And what kind of silicon (or what kind of 'anything') is best to use for holding a tank together. It has to be non-toxic to fish, hold well, and not be too pricey.

And one more thing.. do you think it would be worth it? Or would it be cheaper to just buy a tank? I was thinking of making a fairly large one (IF it's possible). I just want to know if anyone's done this before, and if it's something that's worth doing.

Thanks guys. If anyone has any advice on this, please let me know.

Tammy Rehbein
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