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At least, thats what you've learned crotalus. I am very unsure about actual cognitive reasoning in reptiles, but I'm not going to exclude it as a possibility if there isn't proof that states otherwise. Everyone thought the world was flat until someone proved it otherwise, and even then it took them a while to accept it. So, I stand neutral on this until it's been proven either true or untrue. I personally think that there is a possibility, however slight, that some reptiles are capable of reasoning, figuring things out, ect. But I'm open to all theories about it, as I really don't have enough evidence to believe fully one way or the other.

Another interesting question to do with reptile thought is do they dream? We don't really know much about whether or not other animals dream, even rats, dogs, birds, ect. It really would be neat to know what your pets were dreaming about. (if they were even capable of dreaming.)

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