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I guess the proverbial last straw for me happened a couple of days ago when I found a bottle of "leopard gecko food". I was always under the impression that my leos ate live insects. I've seen them ignore a dead cricket until it dried up to nothing, so how could anyone bottle their food? One quick scan of the label enlightened me.

Evidently if you raise flies in a lab environment, kill them and dry them out just so, then add some seasoning and the proper stink factor, your leopard gex will find them absolutely irresistable. Naturally there is supposed to be a transition period while you convince them that these inanimate little black specks are actually their dinner. I'm sure that employing the previously mentioned vibrating boogie bowl would aid in this transition. I can't remember the price on the dinky little bottle, but I guarantee if an adult leopard took a shine to these things, it would go through two bottles per week easy.

Revenge is a dish best served cold...

With a side plate of steaming entrails,
And a nice Bordeaux!
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