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I have to say I'm with you 100% as well. It never ceases to amaze me how many new products are at the local "pet" stores each week. All those pretty little containers, lined up side by side on the over-stocked shelves, pictures of the reptiles they are designed for labelling each one so neatly with all the "necessary dietary information" on the back. What a load of crap!

If anyone ever took the time to read those labels they would realize that none of them are adequate. No artificial diet could possibly replace the real deal. It's the equivalent to feeding your kinds Mc Up'n'Chucks and thinking they're getting everything they need.

Unfortunately, when a newby walks into a pet store they go on the advice of the person working there and have no idea that the person who is supposed to be the "expert" is just trying to make as much profit as possible. Makes me sick. What are you going to do though? At best we hope people find forums such as this, ask questions and learn. Before making a purchase.

And believe me, you don't sound anywhere near arrogant. Number one on my list when acquiring anything is to do research. Who in thier right mind wouldn't?! Ya sure, you could easily find bad info and use it as an exuse when everything you owns dies, but if you do enough research you'd be able to determine what info is accurate and which is not. Common sense people.

I really could go on and on, but today is Christmas and I need to make a kick a$$ turkey dinner That, and the family keeps calling and I can't maintain a thought long enough in between to keep typing. So to sum it up.............F/T Rodents=Good, Live Bugs=Good, everything else in a can or container or plastic wrapped tube=Bad

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