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and it's not hurting us, right?
Oh but it is hurting us.

The only reason behind commercial diets is convenience. The easier it is to feed a herp the more likely a person is to buy one. So when Joe Shmoe walks into a pet shop and is told how easy and convenient it is to feed a herp they are much more likely to buy one than they would be if they were told they would have to keep live crickets around the house. Pet shops know that their biggest challenge they face when it comes to selling herps is convincing the customer that they can touch a live cricket or mealworm. Now the clerk can offer an alternative to their customer who can't get over their fear of bugs or mice or what ever they would need to feed their herp. I'm sure that stores that carry a wide range of commercial diets sell more herps to newbies than those who don't carry them.
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