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Please PLEASE do not get an iguana!!!

" but at this time i have limited space, i may add a red tail boa or iguana."

You have mentioned in other threads about running out of room, you have mentioned some illness in a savannaha moniter. PLEASE from the most honest part of me do NOT go get a Green Iguana. I am telling you this for your own good.

Your ambitions are great. Reptile education is great, But YOU must first be educated on reptiles to be able to educate others in a manner which will be successful. Green Iguanas need HUGE custom enclosures (not made from chicken wire btw) fresh cut vegetables and greens each day, not to mention they can be powerful, moody and dangerous.

Please rethink what you are getting into. I am NOT trying to bring you down, in fact I am trying to help you be more successful at keeping the reptiles you already do have. Because thats why we are all here, to help people take care of their animals as best as possible.

Good luck and Invictus had good advice.
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