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Everything is cyclical. It seems like the last 2 years leopard geckos were everywhere. So................what do people do?.....they sell all their stock and then in a couple years when very few people are working with them their is a shortage. So, the price goes back up. Then, everyone wants to cash in on the new "trend" so everyone gets back into leopards again and in a couple years the cycle starts over again. It's like this for all of the lower end animals. If leopard geckos were selling for $125 each how many people would get into them?......I'm guessing quite a few people. On the contrairy how many people would get out of them if they were down to $10 each (like they were last year and this summer?).....I'm betting not many people would be breeding them. I'm sure most of you long term keepers have seen the price of common boas go from $100 each to $225 each and then back down to $70 each all in the span of about 5 years.

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