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not finished yet but how does this flyer look?
Note that this doesnt appear right cuz its copied.

Reptilian Fangs
Hello, my name is Landon Cowling, I am 13 years old and I have just started a reptilian educating program so people can get a better understanding of reptiles. Below are a few things we can do for you.

Daycare programming
Would you like for us to visit your daycare center and bring along some of our reptiles to show to you and your children? This is a great activity for all and you will enjoy it! Our price for this activity is only $25.00 per hour! We will bring along our small reptiles for this experience, look on the bottom of this paper for our list of reptiles.
Youth Groups
Would you like for us to visit your youth group whether it is a church, society, boy/girl scouts, or any other group? This will be a great experience for you and your group. Our price for this activity is only $25.00 per hour!
Birthday Parties
Your child will be completely mesmerized by the antics of our reptiles. One of our talented instructors will show our reptiles to everyone at your party who dares to watch! An educational theme is incorporated into a fun filled one-hour program. Your kids will have so much fun that they won't realize they're learning something! Our Birthday Parties can be customized to suit your needs. The cost of this activity is only $30.00 per hour!
Due to the hands-on nature of our programming, we do not recommend our birthday programs for children under the age of five. It is our policy not to let children under five touch the animals, and this would lessen the birthday child's enjoyment. We can accommodate guests below this age with a party which still brings the animals to look at and talk about, but provides shells and skins to touch instead of the animals.
Social Events/Parties/Conferences!

Looking for something a little unusual to spice up your meeting, party, or event? Why not have live animals, artifacts and a knowledgeable instructor come out to your event, and "liven up" the whole affair!

How to contact us

Here are our reptiles that will come to your event!
*1ft Nile monitor* 6in savannah monitor*2ft ball python* 2 5in red ear pond slider turtles
* 2 1 inch red ear pond slider turtles* 1 3in musk turtle*
Soon more to come!
Reptile Donation Guidelines

At the present time, we have limited capacity to accept animals.

Let us be absolutely clear on one point. THE GRARE IS NOT A DUMPING GROUNDS FOR PEOPLES MISTAKES! We have specific limits on the types of species we will house at any given time. Once that limit is reached, we will not accept any further animals of that type. (Ex: we will house no more than four monitors, four iguanas, six large boas, eight giant tortoises, one time.) When our policy is complete, we will post our capacities on this page, as well as our current housing status.

At the present time, our operations are small. We are currently equipped to handle:

Lizards under 6 feet
snakes under 10 feet
turtles and tortoises under 30 lbs
all amphibians (temporary housing available for giants)
all arthropods.

We are not currently equipped to handle venomous reptiles or highly toxic amphibians.

If you have a question concerning an animal which we cannot handle, feel free to contact us. We may know of someone else who can help you.
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