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Don Patterson
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Challenge To All Breeders!

I have a challenge to all herp breeders out there. Since we make a profit off animals, why not give something back. So I challenge you all to make a donation to an animal or environmental conservation fund. I made one to MAMPAM.They do research and conservation with herps and other small neglected stuff. They also do a lot of research in africa where it is suggested the pet trade has made an ecological impact.

It does not really matter to whom your donation goes to, just that one is made. I think it is important we do this as it is the right thing to do and within our hands to do. I also feel it will help with the bad light herpers and the pet trade are always cast in. You are all educated enough about how we are destroying life on our planet at an alarming rate without me going into a tirade about it. So pry open your wallets, crack the safe, and smash the bank and donate. Hell, if a cheap jerk like me can do it, anyone can. If you find it in yourself to do this please post it to keep this thread going. Thanks, Don.
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