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Ugh. Now, I don't generally agree with wearing fur, now that there are fake-fur options out there just as good (one of my coats is polyester fur-trimmed) but I DO NOT agree with that flyer being passed to kids.

If PETA wants to stop fur-harvesting, they should go to the source, not the people who buy it. Most people who buy fur coats don't even have a clue it comes from an animal-seriously-they're usually the type of people who buy milk or eggs at the grocery store and don't know milk comes from cows and eggs from chickens.

I had neighbors awhile back who had a mink farm. While I did not agree with them raising mink for fur (plus the little buggers would get loose all the time!), at least they killed them humanely. I also didn't go around burning their barns or letting their mink loose. Thats just stupid.

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