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Feeding behaviour doesn't help much either..

Sometimes my Ball will so the whole coil (S) shape with the neck and strike, but last night he just went about his biddness like he wasn't interested and then WHAM! scared the crap outta me and my BF.

My Boa, will often strike, but one feeding (weird in my opinion) she just kinda moved gently up to the rat, and slowly opened her jaws and then slowly pulled it out of the tongs.. it was very gentle, and strange to see.. she did it that one time, and hasn't repeated that behaviour since...

But I personally have not been bitten by any of my current snakes as of yet, and I don't plan on it anytime soon.. they are both very sweet and good tempered so I don't think that will help.

but like I said, feeding behaviours (for my guys anyway) are never the same twice, so I couldn't tellfrom that if they were winding up to bite me either.... sorry!!
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