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I too use mesh on my rubbermaids. It takes a lot of work but I think it's worth converting.
I start with big sterlite containers that I lay on their sides so that they have the slight tilt and look of the old neodesha display cages. I cut a large rectangle out of the top (it is a very pliable plastic that cuts easily with a sharp razor). I then use an epoxy to permanently affix the top to the container. I then make a screen to size (now this requires some expertise in screen making, however anyone can learn). I cut the lengths of the screen frame, join them using corner joints and I then roll some nylon screen into the frame using some spline and a spline roller. Finally, I use some plastic hinges and a clasp to attach the screen and voila!, a very sturdy, light-weight, ventilated and aesthetically pleasing rubbermaid conversion.
I have never had an escape in the last 12 years (I have never had an escape period) and I can build some pretty large cages for under $30.
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