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Yes, I learned something. I guess I just saw someone using a rubbermaid with mesh for geckos, and I figured it would work for snakes as well. As you know, I'm quite new at keeping reptiles, so it's all a learning experience. I'm glad you all pointed out my mistakes. I actually figured the mesh would be a better idea because it offered more ventilation, better visibility, and I didn't have the equipment or the knowledge to just drill or melt holes. Now I know. He isn't in that cage anymore, though. I have him in a large critter keeper, and soon to be a large custom cage. He's doing well, and I'm glad he didn't have more serious damage done.

Linds: The packing tape was holding much better than the duct tape. I don't know if this is usually the case or not. I wish I would have known to use vinegar before. I was trying to think of things I could use to help get him off, but I couldn't think of anything.

And on a side note: I didn't really 'pull' him off. I guess I may have worded it wrong, as when I put it like that, it sound like I just peeled him off the tape. I actually soaked him for a long time, and slowly worked the tape off. It wasn't like I was just ripping him off. I was freaked out, but I went about it slowly because I know I could have hurt him if I did it quickly.

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